Week 2 7th October 

starting of with what a blog is and should contain for example reflection of analysing and crits of my work and other artists work or events/other blog showing connection and differences with inspiration and different elements like outcome and interpretation through techincal and visual and contextual and conception showing value and milestone and practice and understanding of vocabulary showing thinking and describingLinks to Dennis Morris who is a well known photographer and British journal of photography and Andy AdamsVisiting the new day light studio with new equipment with David George

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25th may 2020 all been given an extra week to finish and hand in work but I would have already handed in my all worked handed in and finished completed the year and university 29th may ending with dis

18th may 2020 doing work at home at night to get tasks and work done uploading and handing work online by the end of this week final week of deadline and hand in for all work to end the course 18th YE