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Updated: May 15, 2020

Talks in university at lunch time and during class time from October til march



24th-- talk by manuela barczewski

This talk was how she collected objects to help make her photographs better as she travelled to different countries using different formats and framing and lighting to help display the location its surroundings to make it stand out where she compared photography to painting because they both want to tell a story and get a message across giving meaning to the viewer and how you have to plan and think and redo to make it just right. She then went on to talk about how to sell and showcase your work to make a living from your images which will help with other job offers and more projects and some grants because you have your work out there and people can connect to your vision and want to see what you can do for their business/company because our work is records of time like a performance and documentary of the world which make them all unique which is helped by time with the new technology and materials and graphics due to the tools we have and how we use them to make the image still have a meaning and story giving the right emotions and atmosphere years later to help teach the new generation like a piece of history and evidence in the archives showing the best truth on events. This was interesting because she was talking about how to showcase and sell your artwork which is important for us as we leave university off in the professional world of trying to make a living from our work from selling images, books, projects to even being hired for big company both home and aboard which was good to hear how she experienced it in different staged an how she was able to get there which helped her career change after she left university herself to many year later and how it made her work better and her self more confident in herself and her work.

13th-- talk by penny martin

This talk was a member of the women’s magazine called the gentle women, where she talk about how the magazine was made and created within the team and how it started small and become bigger and more well-known but they still kept the company with a small work group to make it more stronger. She talks about all different methods of making and creating using different types materials and technology and how work great as small team and how to connect with each other by using good communication and understanding of each other creative mind making good strong relationships. This was interesting to see someone talk about different stages of teamwork and building a company and having the right design and layout for branding of a business changed as the magazine became more popular but still stuck to its root in what it stand for within the stories and image shown inside and how the presentation of the layout would be suitable for all stages because this helped with some research for my own business which is helpful for now and in the future if I was to employ others to make sure I have the best team to represent my business and all I have worked for.


23rd - - talk by lorenzo vitturi

20th-- mara bodis woolmer (class talk)

this talk was interesting because she worked with Gregory crewdson (I am a fan of his work) and she explained/ showed how his images and idea was made and photographed and what it took to get that one image which was good for us to learn about grants/council forms and understanding of costs and timeframe and finding locations and paying local people and working well as a big team with good communication and all being on the same page about what is going on and who does what when where and how which good to hear that groups can work well together under different situations to make a brilliant photo. she also spoke about travel and rules of photography and locations but its good to sometimes no follow the rules if you can visual see your image in real life sometime you have to just go for it even when people don't agree or know because its about working hard to get the image that you want then its about the advertising and publishing for your work and your name

16th--mick (ex head of photography)

this talk was a really interesting talk and show and tell of this many different body of work (collection) over the years and how he displayed them in printing formats and frames sizes and shapes and how he made the images with what camera (technology) he used from old to new to film to digital images how they change the effect and mood of the image when it come to printing large scale with details and about paper type to make the best image quality. it was good to see his work and how he laid it out on the table making it accessible and interactive for all of us to look around and ask questions so it wasn't just a sit down and talked to artist talk which was good to finally have a hands on active talk where we was all apart of

9th-- talk by Mary

this talk was an insight to real life freelance and agents working from a view we have never seen or heard about to it was real and nothing held back but it did worry most of us double more then we are already but on the plus side it showed the high and low of working and traveling and making relationship and connections with your work and the people involoved which make it a personal body work


21st-- talk presentation from gallery funder of autograph Renee

I thought this talk was really good in terms of history, culture of photography and how things have changed from analog to Digital and understanding the making and upgrading to a start up company to a big gallery company with different stages and step with the high and lows in a positive way to build you up and look forward to something. she was really nice and understanding and interested into all the questions we asked and into our work we showed her taking her time to talk and connect and relate to us giving good feedback

14th-- talk and show case of work by rosy martin at the wellcome collection this is apart of the trip section


31st-- talk by Mustafa hulvsi

This talk was about the overseeing of the creative industry where he spoke about a range of different elements that make this world and how it changed with each generation due to technology and understanding by others with its freedom of creative expression but still keeping the same meaning behind the work and its movement, process, history, symbolism, forms with its nature of planning, making creating, printing and advertising with just a bit of updating and sticking to the code of the visual outcomes. Each project has its impact on the viewers which should be celebrated and given the space to grow becoming more shown to the public over time.

I thought this is was interesting because we learnt about identity and beauty within ourselves and the work we make to help make it skilful and equal to the viewer so we can hopefully be a influencer for the theme of the context of work shown and know its history, meaning, understanding, truth, process, connection, approach from start to end from its surface to its reflection for both maker and viewer. This is something we al need to know when it comes to making project stand out and help the viewer understand where, how and why the project was made and shown in the way to relate on a personal level and to showcase the meaning behind it from political, environmental and identity knowing the theme and subject well.

10th-- talk by laetitla negre

This talk was from a French fashion photographer where she spoke about the vogue magazine has changed and evolved over the years but the branding of the style and layout has stayed the same making it more popular for the viewers because they can recognise is round the world and know what it stands for. She talks about how the process of planning, making and editing and printing the magazine is and its changed a movement in both fashion and editorial/creative printing across the world by the team working well together on all areas of communication which is key for any relations and business to be able to work well and sell to make a living from it

I thought this was a good insight into how the magazine world works from branding, production, design, practice all come together to make strong well-built company where everyone work hard and knows there place which has needed the company expand and grow over the years which I think is something everyone dreams of for their work to be known and seen and recognised by the people in the industry and sector of interest. Her being a female photographer within a well-known company made it even better heling us to dream big and be inspired to work hard to get where we want to be in the future being there isn’t many known female photographer within the industry which was a great way to start of having visiting guest speakers into our group.

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