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Updated: May 15, 2020

I take at 2 session of photoshoots a week when I see a sunset happening

Mostly on a Sunday and or when on public transport during the week and here below are a few of the photoshoots that are different and mostly repeated throughout the different weeks and months of this project.

Each photoshoot done I took a range of amounts of images with some being only a hand full like the transports ones to taking hundred of images like the field photos where I was stand and capture the whole sunset from anything from 20min to an hour where it shows the change the sky and landscape went through during that time where I then chose a few of my favourite images to put in the folder of images taken for the project because are a few months a had thousands and I wanted to only show a few hundred instead which make it easier to narrow it down and then down again to be able to have a set of a few images for the show and a bulk of images to show in the folder showing the difference in images and how I cut it down making my favourites the once I would showcase both in canvas and in a book format.

Using different cameras from mobile smart phone to a Canon camera depending what I have with me at the time and if its planned or not planned

1. Travel on public transport photos on my mobile

making videos as i photograph the sunset

bus from one bus stop to the other

--- the first one was a test shot on the busy bus holding my daughter to see how the image would come out and i filmed it as well to see the change. some image was blurry some was really nice but all showed the bright multi colours of the changing sunset and environment from one bus stop to the other in 1-2 minutes

--- the second was unplanned and people was watching and listening as i was taking images like hundreds in a minute as i was filming and they wanted to the images or video afterwards so it brought people together and felt happy. the image was really strong with colour and now less blurry and the window was cleaner making the detail more sharp of the image.

---the third wasn't a sunset but still showed the landscape and the sound cant be used as people are talking loud next to me but i could edit the video to make it look like sunset

train from Kent to London start of December so cold and winter

---the first in the morning but the sun was still like mist of sunrise and it was cold so looked a little freeze and the train was going quick overground the whole time so was able to film in stages and take photos as well and the train was quite and you could hear all the detail i could and sometimes birds. with this one you see the journey that was took and the see change in landscape

--- the second was the evening on the same day and it was sunset from start to finish so you see it starting off and ending from light to sunset to dark it was beautiful to see watch and photograph and film was peaceful and relaxing and the colours was bold and vibrant from oranges to purples to reds and it did change the mood form start to finish and you can see that in the image. i told thousands and about 20 videos it was a 45-minute ride its good to look back over

2. Mostly Sunday on the field near family home or mid week near mine in the park and on the motor way mostly images and a few mini video clips when standing still and walking through field

--- the first on the field near my mums house and was running around it for 45 minutes getting different views angels and colors of the sky and surrounding view of the feild it was the song (you found us chasing the sun) and thousand of images and few videos later I went back indoors

---the second was out of my old bedroom window which I have years of images of because it gives my images height of being upstairs in doors where you can see the sun just coming over and above the houses and trees compared to standing on the ground outside int he middle of the field

---the third standing still at the front and middle and back of the big field just standing still at different points of sunset to get a hundred of images in the same spot showing the changing color of the sky sometimes showing cloud and bird and tree movement

---the fourth talking through the smaller second field in the area where is horses and a farm there a path way that can go to the next area where all the shops are and that way is the most peaceful and beautiful countryside walk you can on to feel refreshed and it's the best for sunsets. this is where i got the full view of 360 degrees of view and sunset and open land where i got the best sunset images and video but the only issue is in the evening sometimes it's busy with people doing the walk home before they go home do there is a lot of noise of people walking and talking and sometimes bikes and motorbikes and the farms with the horse and tructors which happens behind the image and that if it's been raining then its muddy ad not the best to walk to in and this image is the front main image of my book

---the fifth. i repeat myself by going to the same two field areas near my mum house and repeat the place i stood and take images with different outcome due to the different colours of the sunset and i do this once a week or every two weeks where i can take hundreds in one shoot and then i choice the best ones and upload and keep them til i edit them down more

--- the sixth

will start to involve people and reflections of building in my sunset so it not just about the colour and location but bring and showing emotions in different ways

like portraits showing the change in their eyes and skin through the timeframe of the sunset in different season which will help connect my work to feeling

also, with sunset happening in windows of building to show the city is covered of the view which bring emotions to the work as well. This didn’t really happen due to many didn’t reasons like timetables and not being in the right place as the same time for sunset which most wasn’t happening because of the weather as well and then we had the virus and lockdown so instead of using my sister to get these images I found one of myself from the summer and used it as a profile for it being a personal project and then I took some of myself making dip ticks showing the sun in my face and then spinning the view around showing the sunset itself to show both me and the landscape within one image but I only got a small handful of this sets which will be in the book and even though it wasn’t the way I wanted the portrait sunset to be I think it works well and by showing myself it shows it my view and narrative into why it’s a personal project.

--- the first shot for reflections in the building/shops and public transport windows showing the sunsets through them and reflecting from them this was done on two walks in on journey. the longest walk where i collected most of my best images that was done from getting off the train and walking out the station and around the shopping centre carpark to get to my daughter nursery this walk always has the sun on it because of the window and shiny buildings around a few different turning where the suns direction is always hitting and shine through and one all year around. I think this walk was a success because I good really images that have ended up in my book which help present how we see sunsets in the city and within built up areas in small amount and mostly only see it due to the colour of the sky or how bright the sun rays get in our eyes because we are within close spaces which also helped move my project on more to fit the brief of the statement of the project I had done before because it showing people the different way and views of seeing and by looking at the image and comparing them you can see how your feelings and thoughts that change from open landscape to close spaces.

--- the second shot but the first of being people into the landscape was with myself as I flipped the camera showing the sunset on my face and then back to the landscape where the sunset was happening showing both the view points and help with relating it to the audience as they can see a person within the photos making it more personal and showing how the sunset warms the faces and lights up the eyes making the face look refreshed. This was only done once and quickly as I was waiting for the bus but i still liked what I came up with and made dip ticks out of it to see how it would work but unfourntaulty due to lockdown happening soon after I wasn’t able to retry again how I wanted it to be more thought of and within the open countryside where it would help show the experience I went on by seeing a sunset an showing all its colour and change within the sky but saying this I could make this my new next project to do within the summer as the lockdown starts to get life back more normal and I can carry on the project in a different path with the same meaning behind it and maybe get more people on board

--- the third is with my daughter as we was in lockdown showing an indoor shot with her standing at the window as sunset is happening outside with the strong colour and ray coming through and making her face golden and then as it got darker as the colour got more deeper it then made a silhouette shadow of her showing the sunset happening around and behind her but again was rushed and unplanned making it look nice but not feel professional enough to make me want to add it my final best images at the moment but again I would like to more work on this maybe with older people showing them in a set frame but on different days showing the colour change and or with a plan I could change it by saying sunsets outside my window which can be inspired by the lockdown and making a new project which helps my outdoor project better and a strong two piece art work coming together showing it from different sides

You will all see in with the contact sheets in the project folder

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