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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

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Trip-14th to wellcome collection Visit and talk from artist about work and display Rosie (rosy) Martin-- With Jo Spence half or work Moon course behind the case of ohitis Four corners and work for wide world Work been in tour world About body health care and mind Looking after yourself Time and have your voice Life is special pyshcial health and mind change Phototherapy Co counselling technique react moments in life using photos to heal ourselves Photos throughout the changing health in a body and over coming it Susan sontag illness as metaphors Richard saltuon gallery Having phone calls on a TV screen about loss and mourning reflecting Photography workshop showing family ablum images (cancer) with text in a frame showing history of illness and family with quotes of how we invent our lives our of limits possibilities and power Times of changes Being victims of health skills therapy secert shock new world Under your eyes portrait of oreet asherys with footage of failing health and death Pictures of health collaboration quick snaps and objects and location and health chnahing drugs treatments courses pain loss ideas mood education being a victim or the other comaoreing images time line onset of more health issues before and after aging responsibilities change and adopting begin end understanding bravery political act ways Visual exhibition Maggie Murray photographer

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