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Class field trip and own trips

Galleries and museums

Personal Project trip 14th November- wellcome collection for rosy martin work with Jo Spence and other collaborations based on health, illness, responsibility, change, death, body self-right treatment identity thoughts of effects before and after and creating work with visual images videos books and text having a voice focus drive control doing something bring creactive not matter what being strong showing your life not having a label or class just being a maker.

this is my notes from the Trip-14th to wellcome collection Visit and talk from artist about work and display Rosie (rosy) Martin-- With Jo Spence half or work Moon course behind the case of ohitis Four corners and work for wide world Work been in tour world About body health care and mind Looking after yourself Time and have your voice Life is special pyshcial health and mind change Phototherapy Co counselling technique react moments in life using photos to heal ourselves Photos throughout the changing health in a body and over coming it Susan sontag illness as metaphors Richard saltuon gallery Having phone calls on a TV screen about loss and mourning reflecting Photography workshop showing family ablum images (cancer) with text in a frame showing history of illness and family with quotes of how we invent our lives our of limits possibilities and power Times of changes Being victims of health skills therapy secert shock new world Under your eyes portrait of oreet asherys with footage of failing health and death Pictures of health collaboration quick snaps and objects and location and health chnahing drugs treatments courses pain loss ideas mood education being a victim or the other comaoreing images time line onset of more health issues before and after aging responsibilities change and adopting begin end understanding bravery political act ways Visual exhibition Maggie Murray photographer.

what i learned from this trip is that its good document and have your own voice within different parts of your life and to be able to share them in a project to help relate to others to help people if and when they go through different life experiences by showing how you coped will also help shine a light on things people don't normally share or want to be public which has helped a new generation of people sharing their stories and inspiring other and making more donations to charities and go fund me pages which i hope my project helps and inspires others and better them about their emotions and then hopefully sell my images and or my book both online as an ebook or in a physical book to give donations to a range of charities to do with health both mentally and psychically.

i love how the work was exhibited with both photos and text and screens of clips/videos with sound and music with a comfortable seating and relaxing areas handmade with warm colours which gave me an idea for my own work if i was to make a full room of a show i could have a full-screen video with a film of sunset with a comfortable seating area getting everyone together after looking at my images and my book.

Personal Project trip 7th November-- national portrait gallery and v&a museum plus natural history museum

1. National portrait gallery for the taylor exhibition

this trip in the gallery showed a group of winners and runners up for this prize the image below was my favorite of the day because it shows how beautiful and normal a disabled person is and shows how we should all be treated the same no matter what and that we can all do the same things and how people should remember that instead of judging and putting others into a category, be proud of who you are.

what i learned from this trip was that a range of different of the artist can come together and have their work shown in a similar way but still be different and the best way to showcase your work is to have a good text and a select few best piece of your work shown with a simple plain background and a range of different frames from black or white or gold in a slimline fit making your work elegant and beautiful.

my favorite image of the set I saw was the selected image by Ellie showing fighting back against the label and show the beauty within the disabled dancers that are within the industry sharing equality which i think spokes to a lot of people who are all about equality and involving everything from different background and ability within all industry.

2. V&a museum for the Tim walker wonderful thing show

these images below are my favorite form of this massive show of many rooms showing and giving you a different experience as you went through. the first of a giant photo book showing you how small you was compared to it and this was at the end of the show before you opened the door to tell you that you can to the end of the journey. the second was from a pink wallpapered room that looked like a living room with a character showing the opening image of a man on the corner of the street in the snow with a pony which i thought was beautiful and simple compared to the rest in that room. the third is a glass case of his work which you see when you first walk into his show in a big white and bright room full of many images and a few glass cases like this showing his creative process of thinking taking make.

this exhibition was a lot to take in with multiple rooms displayed in a range of styles and designs with a lot of colours and artwork and extra props but saying that was a great exhibition and had many great setups. showing how much time, money planning and effect and teamwork went into making this grand show of work which is something i think we will all look up to because it shows how our work one day can be shown and seen by millions if we are lucky enough, a hard goal but something to help set you for the future which is a great inspiration for us as we start out in the professional world. this was something you wouldn't belive if someone tried to tell you if oyu wasnt there yourself and or had a full video of this expreince just showing how grand and big this was compared to normal exhibtions that poeple go to.

3.Natural history museum

i then went on by myself to the natural history museum I went to and I saw the moon in a big space where you could view a 3d moon and the orbit video taking you real-time over the earth showing the movement and changing over the landscape and wildlife photographers of the year show where they had the winner and runners up for the prize of the best wildlife nature photography awards.

this was great view and see and photograph and film and made me feel relaxed in a massive room with a big screen of moving image film showing out the landscape looks and changes over time and make you think and question yourself about life and space and belonging which i think can relate to all of us and can help bring us together to experience this in the same way but come out feel differently about it because we are all individuals. this again showed show having a simple display gathering crowds of people is still a winner.

artist group book of winners from the show inside shows one or two images in order from each person in the show and of who won

CCS trip 23rd October - - - Tate Britain and modern

1. this is a big gallery show of

this image was the only one i could relate to and like to look at because it was of a landscape compared to the others which were mostly nudes and some writing of poems and stories which was beautiful to read

from this trip, i got to see how space and layout of how you display your work can change how people view it and interact with it, for example, his poems and stories were large format framed in the middle of the room on stands and shaped like a zig-zag so that moved when reading the different parts and how some was easy to read and other was harder so you had to closer to read it better. also how most of his series of images was in groups displayed over two walls from the corner making a corner of images or having one big image take the whole wall or having three images on one wall in a line next to other. along with glass cases of work so that it was protected from the outside world. with each room having a different coloured paint _green red blue orange) to help with a feel and theme of different sections to the work

2. olafur eliasson about elements around us relating to thre weather and mother nature and colour and materials bring them all together to create a visual journey that was family friendly and included everyone of all ages bring themtogether

this is was another big gallery of work that took aloto of time,patients,planning and money todo with layout ,design and teamwork

this image is from one of the rooms i walked through with a group of people where you couldn't see anything in front of you because the narrow room was filled with fog which started off white and changed as you walked through (colours of the rainbow) before you step out of the door back to rest of the artwork and products

from this trip there was many rooms of different interactive things that the artist made so that people can experience and feel different things to do with all your sense from seeing hearing feeling touch read to help bring people together and go through it together.

what i ealrnt was to think big, plan big and make a dream a relate by creating work that can invole everyone was a great expirence adn inspiration

3. mark leckey

this is from a dark room upstairs in the gallery

this image is from the darkroom i was in and this was when the few screens on the wall came on and started playing and talking all at once of different things before changing and turning off then replaying. it was like a theatre show of sounds, screens, lights changing and making you have different reactions and to look in different places to give it movement and a voice on a large scale to a room full of people.

what i learnt from this is that okay to have a massive room and yet only have a few simple screen and sounds that go around the room to show the different spaces between that that having the set-up is like a performance and an art in its self-creating different levels to the piece and can help showcase the issue your working on and relating to connecting to a variety of people together to help with cultural issues and social change throughout the generations as it can help in many situations

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