Book making 

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Research and making

Hand made hard cover book

using google and researching to see how i would like to test making my own cover

using glue , cardboard thick, ruler , pencil, scissors , image, coloured card

Test 2.1

Colour could be wine red or white to cover the book

Test 2

this test was to make it to the scale size i want for the book which is 8inch square so that i could see how it was look and how to layout the image and text the next step for this is to add a red colour card around it and put the image in and see how is best to add the writing

could be pressed in or inked on top

Test 1

was a quick few minutes making by cutting and gluing and holding together pieces of cardboard before adding white card to cover the whole mini book from front to back and making a spine gluing it to the outside so the book could open flat and making a gap of a image to go in the window

i choice this because from my book layout design i draw up a few people said don't do a full bleed image on the front of the book but maybe make a small gap on the front of the cover for the image to be in and i thought that i could work because most people see sunsets from their windows and the gap to me to was like a small window and that could mean time frame of seeing a sunset or how people view a sunset to it worked for me.

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