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Updated: May 15, 2020

15 artists I will talk about and compare my work to


1. mark rothko colour block

I chose this work because the colour block shows release the sunset because sunsets are all about colour and this is how you can break it down into different colour palettes and different tones which can set different moods thoughts and feelings towards the person viewing yet which means one image coming different things to lots of different people which gave me the idea of having 2 versions of my landscape sunset images from the raw files to the edited versions where the colour has been changed to see how it affects people in different ways and if it brings different meaning to the image. His work relate more to the edited versions of my images because they are blocks of bold colours that are in your face and can be seen Compared to the peacefulness of the raw images which are a blend of colours so hopefully within the 2 images they can speak to everyone viewing them and mean different things to them just like his images below wear red coming love or pain depending on what situation you're in or how blue can mean calm and peaceful or Scary and in danger which changes the character of the image in front of you and can bring out both outer and inner feelings, questions and memories.

2. Claude monet landscape

I chose this work because of how beautiful the landscape paintings are using different shades of colours from bright pastels to dark earth colours and how a painting or a photograph is just a quick glimpse and an insight into what's right in front of you in that moment capturing something special and showing what others missed out on. his work is special as a painter because his older work shows all the fine detail and beauty of what he saw in front of him compared to his recent or new images that were made decades later showing how his site changed which day for impacted the way he saw and was able to paint the image which tells you how important site is and also memory because most of the time he had to paint through what he remembered of painting that landscape decades before a news in his sight to be able to get the colour that it is now compatible it was before which tells its own story of how of how landscape is beautiful at any given moment in time even years later and can some and can sometimes show how it's changed in that time period as well which makes that one image and that one painting something special that you may never see again and how when you love something you will always continue it even if other elements and factors try to change that weather like a painter it's with losing your sight or capability to hold a paint brush or weather photographer how the landscape is changed and how technology has changed making you image look different how you say it compared to what the viewer can see and how that can change you view and mood towards a piece a work.

3.James Naughton- British landscape oil painter

I chose this artist because our work relates to each other because even though he paints the landscape and photograph the landscape most of my images look like painting and some similar to his because of the open and natural and calm nature the images are with the light and colours bring out the natural beauty of the view people are. The way a painter uses their brushes to create the texture and feel of the painting is like the way a photography using the setting to capture all the tiny details of the landscape which can all have an effect on how you experience the art piece you are viewing because of how it makes you feel.

4.1. Andy warhol- film art director and visual art movement and photographer

I chose this artist because our work relates to each other because he liked to turn black and white images into a pop bright coloured images making them look like paintings similar to my work that is about how the image is seen depending on its colour as each colour has meaning and brings different emotions to people viewing them. His visual art of mixing photos and painting and black/white and colour is something that has help changed different parts of the creative industry because people learnt a new way of creating helping people find new ways of seeing and understanding what’s around them.

5.1. Man ray- photographer and painter and filmmaker

I chose this artist because our work relates to each other because work with colours, textures and objects within his work to make it more 3d and to give it feeling with each image telling a story with hidden meaning behind making people have to look closer and he likes to work with light and people included within the image giving them a special edge over normal landscape photographs this like my own work about colour creating mood and feeling within a location making people look a bit longer when viewing the photos.


1.Paul sanders- mindfull stillness of landscape images

I chose this artist because his work shows the stillness other landscape giving it character and meaning and he talks about how are landscape and an image is something that can change a person's mood and emotion just by the beauty of how it looks with its natural and simplistic values which gives it more worth to those who say it. this is something I wanted to capture within my images of these beautiful sunsets search and how they can affect people’s emotions until it can make people mental health better and inspire them to go out and see a sunset or maybe even take their own image of a sunset. So that teaches people to look at their surroundings I'm falling in love with the natural beauty of it instead of walking past it and it being something that is forgotten beacuase we as people have forgotten to slow down and take care of our mental will being so we missed out on the simplest things that the world has to offer us which can help us live better and feel happier in life no matter how bad the day has been.

2. Richard silver time-lapse of landscape images

I chose this artist because his one single image can show how to skyline over landscape changed for our today just by photographing the colour that changes over the course of a few hours I'm on charging them into one image so that you can see how it changes the landscape and sets a different tone for mood within 1 image just by looking from start to finish or left and right.this is something I have tried with one of my own sunset pictures by slicing the image to show different parts of the colour that happens from one side of the image to the other showing how a sunset isn't just one colour The range of colour tone pallets within 1 image like shown below between our images.

3.hiroshi sugimoto space and time image

I Choose this artist because both Sets of work from his old black and white seascapes to his new colour images work with my photography because my work for this year is about How the views of sunset is different and how this can impact on the colour that we can see and how much of the view we can fill

his first black and white image as seen here is of the seascape which shows how the light from the moon shimmering on the ocean and brings a different mood to the image even without colour and his 2nd image soon below here which is colour showing the hombre affect of colour going from light to dark from Top to bottom of the image bringing out different moods to the viewer and showing the different colour palettes you can make with just a few colours this to main is just like a beautiful sunset because the mix of colours can make the perfect skyline at the end of the evening which can make people feel differently depending what colours they can see and how much of it they can view to be able to experience the sunset in a way that refreshes you it makes you feel better and ready and refreshed for the next day.

4. Lukas petereit nature to city images

I chose this work because he shows images from natural beauty of the landscape to the hectic city life which will come relate to Living in London that is. this is similar to my work as well because I'm showing how sunset have changed because of the landscape changing from countryside to city which affects of you that we say because in the city we see klipsan parts of a sunset if and when we can compared to in the countryside you can see the full view of the sunset and all its natural glory or colour changing within a few minutes which relate my work to his because we're trying to show people how different landscape is and how it affects us like in the image is shown below of his work you can see how you have to be higher up to get a picture or a few full view of a sunset over the city whereas in the countryside you can be at any angle and still see the full view showing a different colour palettes that happened due to light pollution from the city light today open country air

5. mark cornick urban and abstract images

I chose this work because he shows the peacefulness of the city life which some of us don't say because we only see it at the busiest times along with him showing his work of the different colour palettes and fastness of what we would think is the peaceful seascape. My work relates to who's because it's about the colour palette of natural beauty and how it effects of this and the meaning behind it is because I want to show the difference between the hustle and bustle of city life compared to the simplest of the countryside. From his work below you can see how to seascapes have changed from different colours 2 different sharpness or blurriness of the image and how it changes that one image to look completely different in the multiple ways he is shown and how sometimes different angles can make an image look completely different compared to his other image of share reflections of a landmark building within the windows of the buildings that surround it go and get a meaning under character because you can see it from different angles no matter where you're walking because the reflection of the glass shows it

6. wolfgang tillmans landscape documents

I chose this work because it's about colour elements of the landscape which shows different colour palettes depending on the location and about how to size your image to show the best quality of it so that people can see the detail within the changing of the colours in the image given the image emotions and making it look like a fine art piece making people think is it an image or is it a painting because you can view it in different ways which will affect you differently depending on the way you look at it.

7. matt cooper sunset video

I chose this work because it's a new piece which is a part of his collection as he starts new videos who is images which relates to my body of work for the sunset because I have been both photographing and filming the landscapes so I have an image that can affect people in different ways and a video that can show What I saw and heard and hopefully how I felt why being there at the time which I think is important in photography is trying to get people together and make them feel different things for different pieces of work. By following his work over the years has made me love landscape photography especially sunset photography even more and is the reason I wanted to make a video so I can share my experience hopefully of how I felt when viewing the different sunset and will hopefully bring people together and make them feel better because the sun says something people shouldn't really miss out on because colours can change your mood and depending on where you wore your location when viewing a sunset it can change how you feel I make you appreciate the little things in life.

8. penelope umbrico sunsets

I chose this work because it based on the different sunsets and the different colours of a landscape show the natural beauty of the world and how colours can affect your mood and how viewing the images below can bring people together and everyone can view it in their own way and then talk about it together. This is something I want to do with my work how the different view and colours can refresh you and make you feel different just by having a good view

9. rehahn close up portraits images

I chose this work because it shows close up portraits of people within a landscape by using natural lighting which helps warm up the face and gives it a little glow and this is something that relates to my work because I will be capturing the sunset light on peoples faces to be able to show how seeing the sunset can change the look of the face the eyes and skin and hopefully the colour of the sunset will shine in their eyes so that You can tell that they are looking at the same sunset I am when I photograph it. this will help connect the audience to the work by bringing people inch my landscape images and will help show what I'm trying to do with my work Like with the images below which are the natural beauty of people's faces in detail so close up until the light brings out those details within the face and the eyes which can completely change an image and can improve it to make it better portrait image compared to if it was done in the studio and or in the streets because Because by using natural lights within a location can change an effect the different outcomes and display of an image.

10. herb ritts (American photographer) portraties in the landscape close up

I chose this work around because even though it's in black and white you can still see the fine details with in the portraits making them more personal For everyone viewing no matter the size the images or how it's displayed.These images relate to my work because I want to get close to the person in the image so that everyone can see how they're feeling when seeing a sunset and how that can change the image from a normal portrait photo someone that can capture I and bring it meaning And because his work isn't done in studio it is on a location shot where the person in the photo is within the landscape itself making it more naturally beautiful.

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