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Updated: May 15, 2020


4th on the development PowerPoint talking about what to change before hand in which I already kind of write down as I looked over it before the crit and helped push me in the right direction of how the layout and final piece should be and making it more visual and less writing by having bullet point and adding my script and notes at the end of each slide which help free up the space on the slide and made it look neat and simple following just images and little text. This was also good to see how others worded them self and showed their work which helped us make our work better by viewing and comparing what and how people like to view and listen to a PowerPoint.


27th about my work of research i have so far for my project and the book cover being my main image and show images which are a set of my best from city, beach and countryside showing the differences of what you see and how the colours change before I finalise the finished set ready to upload. This was just a quick look over what I had planned as a finished piece which I summary of making sure I have everything checked and looked over for writing and about adding quotes to my image to help others relate to it because the word will help the image speak to the viewer and could help make and show how personal sunsets are to be and why I made the project. This was a big help and from this i research and made finial set of quotes for my show images which is a set of 8 but 6 being the project images and I feel it really helped make the image stand out in a beautiful; quote to hold it up and give it a title without a name

23rd small crit updating and finalising work in folders making sure all the right piece of work was in the right folder which helped me understand what was needed in each folder as sometimes with work over lapping it was a bit confusing what had to go where but this made it more clearer where some piece needed to be and how to upload everything together in a final big document.

20th about work for hand in which was a good check off tick list and a reminder for some to know what was fully needed within each section of our work for deadlines so that it was easier to know what is needed to be worked on and what needed to be updates and taken out to make work better. This was helpful as I wrote down all that was needed for each deadline and task within the work helping me be able to plan my timeline of what needed to be done on set days ready of hand in which made doing the tasks on each night easier for me to just get try to it and get on with it by knowing what I needed to do and how I needed to do so making my work stronger and have a good flow

7th ccs video chat on dissertation about how to section my work into notes and appendix so that I didn’t lose any of my word count and was still able to include everything which was a big help for me to finish my dissertation. We also spoke about cutting back on what I made in my plan by making it more about my survey and finding with article research instead of trying to relate it to tv and film because it was a problem finding things for that idea but we both aggressed to just take it out and my word flowed better without it.


26th mini group crit on blog work uploaded so far on my website where we was within small groups of three and overlooking through what was written nd how it easy shown as a blog entry which was to help make sure we all had what was needed for the blog task to be completed showing how we work and manged the blog part of the website and wrote what was relevant to the set task. This exercise was helpful as we was in small groups and was able to show the blog part of the website and have q&a afterwards where was all got feedback that was helpful in making the blog and writing better beforehand in and publishing online even though the blog is under password protection. The feedback I got was make the titles of each section of my blog more visible by instead of having each week as a entry I should juts have it as a one file entry called weekly dairy but once ready I wasn’t able to do so I made and started half the blog entry along time ago and on my phone so if I was to delete it all I wouldn’t have any photo to go with each week that I upload but from this I did make a word file with all the entries in one and named it blog weekly entry from 0-30weeks of final year at university.

23rd video chat on project in the morning where we spoke about what I had planned for my book so far where I showed a test make from an a4 notes book and printed image that I stuck in to place with blue tack after drawing the outline of the size I wanted my book and adding word to the page as titles so I knew where to place my image to see it would work well together. From this crit we spoke about how I was now going to make it a word/pdf version as we will be showing work online due to the virus and this was the first time I showed a test make of the book as before I only had images and drawing of layout plans which wasn’t really helpful when talking about my book in a final piece because i didn’t have anything to physical show without me explaining it. I then had a different crit in the afternoon about my artist statement and what needed to be done to help make it better with grammar and punctuation which I have always had a problem with but with this video chat I was able to know what part was needed to be changed and how to do it and we colour coded parts making it easier to remember to make parts better. This was able to help me finish and finalise my artist statement ready to the show hand in and my work deadline with everything being correct and easy flow of reading which helped my work stand out.

12th group crit which about my sunset images and how they relate ot health and how I could show my research and writing to help everyone understand on the same level which will make the work strong and by talking about my influences of the work and how I compare my work to them or how i go inspired by them to help my work along better and relate it to creative therapy in all paths. Helping in how to display and talk about my work in a more ready to showcase confidence and knowing what works well and relates to the audience. This helped me look into competition that are there so that I can work on how to show/display and speak/write about my world both for university and in te professional world of the industry that will help after university having my work and name known.

---5th quick mini crit on what item I would need to make a hard back cover book made by hand at home which I then went home and tried myself but was done quick making it look rushed but gave an idea on size I wanted it to be for the final book and help me have something to physical show and hand to people to give me feedback on to make better which I photographed and made a folder of the images then I tried again a few days later making it better then the first try making two design people could look at. We also spoke about what I wanted for the show which was a set of large images, the handmade book and my artist statement with my business card all being on display together and where I could do all the printing and how much I could spend and compare place and then if I wanted to sell anything or have give away for the people that would come to view by work so thy could leave with a memory of the work and have something to take with them and to look at in the future or to show around to family and friends which would help with my work being known and shown.


--27th page and book layout and design from this i made a quick layout myself using InDesign and added words and little text which later I then had to change to using word document to make my book as I was doing it from home where I just had a very basic apps on my laptop and then soon said about making it a PowerPoint to make the pdf best and easy to read. From this I started to think about eBook layouts where i then found websites to do with making and selling eBook pdf download of your book which help be have an idea about selling my book.

--10th pin up crit and professional practice from this i was able to start putting my images together that would help me into what i should select for my book by knowing what images worked well together and how to lay them out in a story telling and meaningfully way. This was a good test to see what people liked about my images as they made a connection and story line with the images due to the colours helping me to know what kind of photos other likes the best and what helped make the story line better by having small and many sets of different sections of images. I was able to see how the colours would work together and how to make set of images by comparing the city and the countryside alongside each other and seeing how it come together on paper for the book. Then we moved on to plan for my business card and how to finalise it before sending it to print by having it looked over by a group of people helping me to know what worked well and what to change to make the best version of plan by turning them in images for the set up to then upload on the chosen website to make and print my business card which I did that day and received the cards about a week later and then I showed everyone and people liked how it was like a mix of a business card and a postcard image like a nice give away and contact details for after the show we was going to have for the project.

--3th mini crit where we look at a few of different sections and paths my project is taking on and from I narrowed down my sections and printed the best images from each for people to be able to look at and choose themselves which they thought worked together without knowing what the image will result in for my book


--30th blog crit was about how to make the layout of the blog better with each task shown by looking at other people blog to know how to increase text and analysis of how a blog entry should be and look like and what is needed with in each submission entry so we know we have the right written work within our blogs and make it a strong piece of learning evidence.

---27th studio crit feedback on work so far and what is needed to be done and how to do it by making check lists and making them off as we go along. The subjects covered is this crit was how and what make the best work, how to section work, theme it covers , layout and design and plan, format and materials, title/text, colour, meaning, practice and test thoughts and ideas, how to start and finish with a bang of your work, how to know what to show and how to display it, sizes of work, paper used, printing, online websites to make and print work.

--- 6th mini crit was about what my work stand for and what my idea is and how I am going to show that by thinking about size, scale, format, colour, testing and reshooting, research relevant artists that inspire the project, materials and paper needed to make work, how to edit down image taken to make strong set of final images for both book and print. This helped me be about to get my ideas out and spoken and shown to others to make sure I was explaining and sharing and displaying it right for everyone to be on the same level of understanding and connecting to my work so far and gave ideas for more paths by work can take which lead to more photo being taken and new folders made which then helped lead to my best image that are going to be shown in my book.



--21st crit and feedback about where my work is going with its theme and subject area so far from thoughts, ideas, plans and research and how I would connect everything together and new idea I could relate them to. Showing the meaning behind the story within the images and how I can do this by practicing and being creative by reflecting after very shot I do and how to edit them down to show and upload the best images.

---18th crit about theme and words that relate to my work like colour theory and light, emotions, senses which we mostly spoke about the word synaesthesia and mental health that by work would relate to and showcase because sunsets are something we know happen but don’t always see and experience regularly and how colour and light is what make a sunset but also how it makes everyone see it differently due to different reasons like location, health, sight, connection and meaning of objects, words, shape and colour which will make every sunset mean and feel different to everyone but wanting everyone to feel the similar to give them a good experience and inspire them.

13th ccs Quick mini Crit about the dissertation and having a timeline for work and research and writing and how to make it better and relate it to different paths like support groups within the university, how it can be made to help students and the education board to make the experience better for other student parents to come and how I could make my own primary research like surveys and groups. From this I made my own survey for my primary research which was soon the biggest part of my dissertation.

11th crit talking about how I could display my work by having different materials like an opening folding pages of the book connecting the skylines to so the colour change and open as a big poster. Also, how to have the images in a landscape or Portrait crop of the sky colour showing the gradually changed. Then we spoke about playing around with layout and text for the book to make it make sense and understanding with a meaning and narrative everything can relate to and enjoy which will make the work stronger. From this I started looking at pastel colour painters of landscape to help my work be influenced by not just photographers but other artists as well because my work can look like painting sometimes and that painting came before photography and they have both worked together and creative movements and changed over time with each generation of new technology help work to be improved as time went on.


--31st crit talking about artist my work are relating to who can help inspire by work to improve and move the project along by looking and comparing and practice different ways the outcomes the images can be and how it will connect to different thoughts, feelings and emotions depending who the viewer is no matter the background and the understanding but about there creative eye for detail. this has helped move my work along with research, making and taking and analysing of my images and process helping make a solid final summary of my work ready for the end view of my project.

---17th this crit was an opener to what work is to be submit at different stages of the year from ccs to professional practice to personal project


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