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This project is about how sunsets can improve your mental health. By showing you from these sets of images how the location of the city and closed spaces compare to the seaside and open countryside affect the way you see and experience a sunset through its colours and stillness changing your 5 senses toward how you view and take in the moment of the sunset depending on where you are which can have an effect on your emotions.  

Colours the clouds are and the patterns they make and the way the light falls creating the mood that set the scene for the location.

City through reflections and breaks between buildings as manmade and human life gets in the way making the colours darker due to air/light pollution changing the landscape 


Countryside showing a range of different colours over an open field or between the nature of the landscape as the natural world takes over with nothing in its way

Beach as both the manmade world and the natural world share one spot of a location to give you light bright colours over the landscape

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